Parent Volunteers

We encourage parents to visit their child’s classroom frequently and take an active part in the education of their child. Our goal is to have at least one parent in each classroom every day. Even volunteers coming for as little as one hour contribute greatly to the class and to their child’s education. It is hoped that parents who have schedules and time commitments that allow will volunteer many more hours than this. We welcome and appreciate the time our parents can devote to their child’s education, but also understand that available time is different for each individual parent. Volunteering your time can be accomplished in a variety of ways, either at school or at home. See a P.T.O. board member or the office for information.

In order to volunteer in the classroom parents must successfully complete a background screening through Accurate Background and be approved by administration prior to being allowed in the classroom. In addition, volunteers must also pay the fee and complete the internal paperwork found on the website. Volunteers must also adhere to the Volunteer Dress Code. If someone would like to volunteer on the spur of the moment without having completed the background screening process, they may, provided they first complete the background screening, second, get approval from administration and third are escorted to and from the classroom by a member of the school staff.

We ask that parents make other arrangements for non-school age children when volunteering in the classroom in order to avoid unnecessary distractions for students.


School Visits

In order to maintain the safety and order of the campus, all parents and visitors must check in at the front office before entering the campus or classrooms.

Individuals simply wishing to visit or observe a classroom may do so for fifteen minutes and at the discretion of the administration and they must first check in at the office and will be escorted to and from the classroom by a member of the school staff.


Parental Concerns and Feedback

Legacy believes that timely, open, and honest communication is vital to the success of the students and the school. Parents and students are encouraged to provide feedback and express concerns about any part of the Legacy program to the appropriate people (i.e. teachers, principal, directors). Legacy will make every effort to listen, and attempt to resolve the concern as quickly as possible.


Volunteer Application Process

You can now begin the application process and pay your fee by going to your campus’ Shop. Click here for the Shop directory.