“Home of the Knights”

We want our students to have the opportunity to participate in team sports to learn valuable life lessons. We have opportunities for every student, even if they have never played the sport before.

Cadence sports teams for 2018/19 are open to Grades 6-8. Students in K-5 who wish to participate in sports/activities, please call the school to find out about our exciting clubs, such as Karate, Gymnastics, and Cheer.

Here are the sports we currently offer at Legacy Cadence:

Flag Football

Flag football athletes learn skills including accountability, effort, and dedication. Everyone has the chance to learn multiple positions and find their passion on the football field.



Pass, set, hit, win! Student-athletes learn the necessary individual and team skills that will set them up for success on future high school or club volleyball teams.



Separate girls and boys teams ensure that each athlete has significant time in our high school regulation gymnasiums to learn to be a better player on and off the court.



Our co-ed soccer team is a great way to learn how individual effort affects team success. Our athletes stay in great shape and develop life-long skills.